Thursday, March 23, 2017

San Blas photos and a thank you to Karen Shirack

I took these photos of the beach and our lunches today.  Several of the people at the table are here from Ajijic. They drove over on the new highway that has taken six years to complete. Now a person can drive from Tepic to the beaches here just south of San Blas in twenty minutes. The old road takes an hour and a half. The bus I took went on the old road. My friend was saying that there are too many people in this area now because of the quicker route. But I still think it is beautiful.

Today I received a very nice e mail from Karen Schirack. She is the woman who said she wanted to have a copy of my health care information at the Lake Chapala Society. She was apologetic about the way I was dismissed when I brought in my papers and she asked for a time for us to meet so she can get a copy for their office. That e mail was so kind and helpful to me. It made me realize just how much power one person has in an institution. The power of the rude man one day and dismissive people at the office another were cancelled out by the one woman who wrote and apologized. Thank you Karen Schirack. You have renewed my faith in the Lake Chapala Society and people in general. Also your kind words make my mini vacation much more enjoyable. I don't like to carry around hard feelings.  I will bring in the research after I get back to Ajijic.  

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