Thursday, March 23, 2017

Morning Thoughts from San Blas

This is my second day here. It isn't any hotter here than in Ajijic but very humid. So far the bugs haven't gotten to me. We went swimming at El Chaco yesterday. It is a hotel on the beach. Water was cold. I am used to the hot waters at the spa. Also I am putting on photos of a fish restaurant where we ate. Delicious. It is nice for me to get away from my routines. And I like to be with my friends here. I spend too much time alone. I should travel more. 

Here are photos of the fish restaurant in town. It is filled with different kinds of sea shells. 

 My friends Pat and Doug
Duke, under the table. They allow dogs in restaurants. This is a very casual place, San Blas. It is just my style.  


  1. Hi Pat.

    This looks like a nice area (even if it is a bit too casual for you) and the restaurant/food looks good as well. You are correct that you should travel a bit more. No time like the present, eh? Short jaunts two or three times a year would be good for you. Although I'm not one to talk. I am tending to hang by myself more and more and I need to take my own advice. Ha!

    Anyway, continue to have fun with your friends and travel safely!


  2. Hi Scott, always good to hear from you.thanks for writing. I am going to try to Travel more. P