Friday, March 17, 2017

Morning Thoughts

It is a beautiful sunny morning. Chico is waiting impatiently on my chair near the front door, wanting to get out there and take a walk. I thought I would first write a little bit on here to let anyone who is interested know that I am still alive and still in Ajijic. Not completely well yet. I have had a sore throat for about three weeks. Can't seem to shake it. But I have been swimming anyway. 

My friend Jack arrives on Sunday and he wants me to stay here until Tuesday to show him my routines. Not much to do here. The animals are so easy. They always have dry food out and eat whenever they are hungry and Chico is happy with a short walk twice a day. An old dog is much easier than a young dog. When Chico first started walking with me, we here both much younger. We walked all over this town for hours everyday. Now we both get tired after one walk into town and back. Chico passes out on his soft pillows as soon as we get in the door and sleeps the rest of the afternoon. 

I remember when I first came here I was housesitting. That was before Chico belonged to me and Olive was a wild cat. I had no animals of my own. I used to be amazed at all the things people did for their animals, all the special foods they cooked for them. I would end up spending half my day feeding the animals and changing cat litter boxes. Olive doesn't like litter boxes. I tried it once. She likes to just go out in my garden. My animals mostly just need to be loved and petted. Wouldn't we all like that?  

I have been having lots of dreams about being loved and petted lately. Then I wake up from one of these dreams and realize that I am alone. (That didn't bother me before now. I don't know why I have changed. Maybe too many years of being alone.) Except for Chico and Olive, in my bed and awake and wanting to be petted.  They are such a gift to me. I am going to miss them on my trip. 

I sometimes will go for days without talking with anyone. I used to go to the plaza and I would know a lot of people there but now that isn't true. I rarely see a familiar face. And the Lake Chapala Society kicked my dog out of their room with books for sale the other day. I have been taking him in there for years and no one complained. This time the man said, Well some people are allergic to dogs.....   I decided that I would not go back there or reapply for my membership. It has gotten too North of the Border in it's ways.   

And so I think, maybe it is time for ME to move on. Maybe I need to look for another area where I will not get kicked out of places because of my dog. I will see what happens on this little two week trip. First I go to San Blas to visit with my friend Pat, and then I will think of another town, further off the beach. The beaches are too hot for me most of the time.   

I often think of moving. But then I stay.   I do have a great life here. I would have to move to a town that has a hot springs swimming pool. That is why I have been looking at housing in Aguascalientes. Maybe I will visit there after San Blas. I am taking my i pad and my camera so I will be writing on the blog as I go along.  Some people write to me, concerned when I don't put anything on my blog for several days. That makes me feel good to know that people out in the world, somewhere, are thinking about me and worrying about me. It seems that these days my friends are mostly online.  I am going to be very busy getting my house cleaned up and packing these next few days. I may not write on here again until I get to San Blas.   


  1. I'm so happy you posted this morning because I'm one of the readers who was getting a little concerned. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better and hope your sore throat is on the mend. I hope you enjoy your friend's visit and see some beautiful sights!

    1. Thank you so much Dianne. Makes me glad I posted. P

  2. Hola Pat,
    I, too, have been watching for a new post--perhaps even from San Blas. I'm pleased your plans for San Blas are firmed up. You may find, soon as you're there again, among old friends, that your health will improve quickly. There is something nurturing about the ocean. Do you swim in the ocean? I love it!

    Snorkling is one of my favorite things to do. There is something magical in the quiet, the curious colorful fish, and graceful swaying sea grass. I've snorkled for decades and know better than to reach my hand into a blind crevice in the coral reef--a good way to disturb an eel.

    But once, snorkling alone off Tenacatita bay, in fairly open water past the edge of the reef, I found myself suddenly face to face with a 5 foot eel! It was just in front of me, upright & undulating. It's mouth was opening and closing, as if to threaten me. I backed up slowly, keeping my eye on it all the while, grateful for my swim fins.

    Your interest in moving is understandable. For one thing, you never would have moved to Mexico if you were not an adventurous soul! And while Ajijic, after all this time, must seem as comfortable as a well-worn pair of slippers, it doesn't surprise me that you might consider a change. There is something intriguing, I find, about relocation. I know you will do what is best for yourself.

    These days, with so much chaos everywhere, it seems near impossible to come to a decision about anything! There are so many unknowns, so much completely out of our control. In my own way, I am going thru much the same thing.

    Please post soon from San Blas, even if only a few lines initially. And as much as we all look forward to having your reports, more important is that you enjoy yourself & HAVE FUN!

    !Que le vaya bien, amiga!

    1. Thank you Fay for your interesting comment and good wishes. Now I recognize your writing style right away and am pleased with your stories about your life. Thank you . I will keep writing from San Blas. It has been so long since I gave gone anywhere that I feel kind of scared. So I am focusing all my energy on house cleaning so I don't have to think of leaving my secure little nest. P

  3. I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are. I admire your adventurous spirit. You may not see yourself that way, but you are willing to pick yourself up and change your life. Good luck on the journey. I too live alone - it does have certain advantages -you can do whatever you want. Recently, I was very sick and it was scary being on my own. Luckily, I recovered. Well, none of us get a perfect life. We just have to do the best we can.

    1. Thank you Donna for writing. I think the hardest part of living alone is getting deathly ill. That's where friends come in and save us. I am glad you recovered. P

  4. I look forward to you upcoming adventures with a great deal of interest. Have a great holiday!