Sunday, February 19, 2017

Photos of Ajijic

A mariachi group was playing at the plaza yesterday. That was fun.


They have the best carrot cake in town. Unfortunately for me. I can't resist it.

It was so crowded outside at the coffee shop that I had to sit inside. I sat next to this handsome man and he was going to buy all of the man's roses. I told him that they would die right away because they take all the outside petals off of the roses to make them look fresh. But he didn't care, he wanted to give them to a new woman he recently met. Check out the expressions on their faces. Two totally different states of mind.....


  1. Hola P,
    A new batch of photos! Color and light filled: Warmth I can feel. Warmth I need. Do I detect a bit of a spring in your step behind the lense? Fascinating, and riveting, the LOOK from the hombre with the flowers! What a great shot.

    As for myself, more and more rain, a darkness like perpetual twilight, and dread over the probable loss of the huge Oroville dam. How quickly we must all suck up the "new normal" and keep on with daily life. If this dam goes, and it seems highly probable, I doubt California can recover from the loss and devastation. Patricia, we are witnessing a remarkable time in history, and while I find much of it anxiety inducing, at least it ain't

    My beloved hound, Scarlett, has developed a bit of redness and fungus discomfort on her foot pads, due no doubt, from months on end of dampness. I made up a concoction myself to treat it, and it works. Organic cocoanut oil as the base, then added oregano oil, echinacea powder, tea tree oil, and a pinch of cinnamon. The only hard part is keeping her from licking it off. What I need is an elizabethan collar, which I intend to make myself. The river is over the little two land highway some days, so getting out for supplies only happens about every ten days or so. Scarlett is a pretty little coonhound, marked like a beagle, but leggier and more svelte. She's a 3 year old rescue I've had a year now and adore. Your Chico looks so much like my little terrier, Brillo, who passed several months ago at the ripe age of sixteen. He traveled with me to Mexico many times and even knew all his commands in Spanish! I miss him dearly. He was the best little scruffy buddy.
    Oh, what I wouldn't give for that slice of carrot cake...
    Thank you for the sunshine today.

    1. Hi Fay, what an interesting comment. Thank you so mush for taking the time to write to me. I had thought the dam problem was being solved. What a disaster if it can't be.

      How about putting a taste of garlic in that mixture. Garlic I think is healing and tastes strong. Maybe that would keep Scarlett from licking it off. Thank you again for your thoughts. P

  2. P,
    Thanks for the garlic suggestion. I often rub it on small cuts on my hands after pruning rose bushes. I've also been massaging fresh aloe vera into Scarlett's paws daily. The echinacea powder tastes very bitter, but she licks away nonetheless. When I found her thru a rescue organization I was told that coonhounds require a LOT of exercise daily, but this girl is a happy couch potato who does not like getting her feet wet.

    The Oroville dam is "fixed" just about as effectively as the Fukushima reactors are "fixed". Independent civil engineers say that tons of rocks cannot mitigate the design flaws. They say the dam is likely to go. It has been discovered that a quarry, not far from the dam, was blasted the same day the breach appeared, and set off a 2.1 earthquake.
    !Ay caramba!

    Here all is wet, but no serious flooding. My land drains perfectly and the huge stands of redwoods are capable of sucking up tons of water. I have no mud anywhere or even standing water. Still, it is frustrating. I've fruit trees to prune, a vege garden that needs prep work which cannot be started, my living room needs painting and woodwork sanding and oiling, tile floor needs re-grouting, on and on. None of this can be done in this weather. I am grateful the electricity has not gone off once thru all this. Grateful to have bookshelves full of good books, and a little hound to keep me company. No one goes anywhere these days, and I live an hour from the towns, and my friends, on the coast. If one goes to town, one may not be able to get back home if the river is up or large trees have fallen on the alternate back road. It's the perpetual twilight I dislike, a sort of limbo.

    I am still having a look at yesterday's photos. I enjoy your architectural detail pics immensely, and you're lucky Ajijic has so many to photograph. I like your pic with the red iron gate on right; it's view to an interior has interesting perspective.
    I've got cornbread baking and intend to slather it with butter and honey. Comfort food!
    By the way, I mentioned the fungus salve only because when I devise a natural remedy for something I figure someone else might need it one day. Now, I'm off the peel and press ajo for the salve.
    Mas tarde,

    1. Hi Fay, thank you for writing. Sounds like there is a lot of work to do at your house. Maybe you need a vacation in the sunshine down here instead. P

  3. Hi P,
    Yes, a vacation would be just the thing; trouble is, if I've a prayer of getting this casita repaired and ready to rent or sell by next year, I've got to keep nose to grindstone. Decision, rent or sell?, will be based on what happens to the greater economy and the market locally. Everything everywhere is up in the air. A crap shoot.

    My lovely vintage VW camper is in the shop for major repairs. If the economy holds, I plan to sell it and replace it with a used minivan with enough room for clothes, bedding, etc for the move down. Meanwhile, I am driving my little farm truck, a 35 yr old Toyota! I would need to drive down with Scarlett, for I simply will not suffer the dismal and insulting airline travel experience again. Or risk shipping her on an airline.

    If and when this work is complete on my property, and I am ready to head your way, I only hope it will still be possible to do so, politics being what they are. Driving down with a dog, something I've done many times in the past, does make it harder at first, trying to locate a rental that allows medium size dogs. It would break my heart to have to leave her behind.
    In the mean time, your lovely blog and pics of Ajijic will have to see me through.
    Wishing you a lovely evening. Be well.

    1. Thank you Fay, when the time is right, you will come....... let me know when you do so we can meet in person. P

  4. Hi, Pat,
    As usual, I love all your pictures, but I think that last one is amazing...especially with the story behind it! The expressions are priceless!
    It is so warm here in VA, like 70 degrees all weekend. Daffodils and crocuses have bloomed, some protected trees are blooming. Very weird. It's not unusual to have warm days occasionally, but consistent warmth seems to me to be unprecedented. I am heading to Florida next week to help my stepmother, and it is supposed to be 87!
    Have a good week,
    Karen in VA

    1. Hi Karen, glad you enjoyed that photo too. Have a good trip and thanks for writing. P