Friday, February 3, 2017

Morning Thoughts

I went to the market on Wednesday and took these photos of a mama dog with all her puppies. They were so cute that I couldn't resist taking their pictures.

She heard them crying so she is checking on them. She is very blond and all her puppies are dark.
She is very protective of her puppies. They were at Anita's Shelter stand. I bet they are going to be really nice dogs when they grow up. If you are interested in one, contact Anita's....

Here is one other photo that I took this morning. This one is just of me.....  Since I haven't been writing much, I thought that at least I could put on a photo to remind my readers of who I am. Still here in Mexico. Dealing with some serious family problems at the moment so I haven't been writing much.  



  1. Sorry that you are having family problems. Hope that everything works out for you. Sometimes there is nothing we can do.