Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Morning Thoughts--Fat Tuesday

This morning just before dawn I woke up to the sound of a very loud band playing outside. I thought it was a small parade. There have been small parades in Ajijic everyday lately. But they didn't walk away. I went outside after listening to it for a little while longer, took Chico which was a big mistake. He hates bands. He started barking so I took him back inside. Then I went out and took photos of it. They are right in front of a neighbor's house just a couple of doors down from mine. Sometimes when it is someone's birthday here a family member or friend pays for a band to play at their house, starting just before dawn.   I think that is the situation here now. A couple of women are dancing to the music. Everyone is having a great time, unless you are a late sleeper.

This is Fat Tuesday and a big parade starts around ten this morning. I will have to leave Chico here since he barks when there is a band, or clapping. He also hates clapping. So here are some photos of my street and the band. Later on I will put on some photos of the big parade.



  1. Happy MardiGras! Life is good there...

  2. Thank you Peter. No complaints from me... Except for all the flour in my hair from the parade. I will put photos on after I rest. Happy MardiGras to you too. P