Friday, November 4, 2016

Morning Thoughts

The Day of the Dead holiday seems to be over now. It was exciting, something happening all over town at all hours of the day and night. I am enjoying t quiet now. I borrowed a camera from a friend but I cannot put the photos onto this i pad. I am having problems with all my electronics, camera and computer. I am buying another computer and two more cameras but I can't get them until I see my son again in Portland. In the meantime, I am struggling with getting articles written for Most of the photos in the Thriller dance I didn't take.....  I haven't finished writing them yet.  It is taking me many hours to do what should only take a few minutes, because of my old computer and almost worthless I pad. But hopefully by the end of next week I will have them finished. If you don't know that site, it is   Look under blogs....  

Other than the frustrations of trying to do the articles with someone else's camera and a worthless computer, things are good. It has been beautiful weather here lately. I haven't been to the spa since the holidays began and won't go again until after this weekend. I know it will still be too crowded to swim laps now.  


  1. My goodness --sounds like all your tools fading at the same time. Can't you replace them in Mexico?

    I went to lakd chapala website you suggested--but found no way to access BLOGS. How do I do that??

    Hope life gets back to NORMAL soon.

  2. hi Larry, you go to Then at the top of the site it says blogs. Good luck. P