Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy Day of the Dead

It is a beautiful sunny morning here. I just walked back from the Wednesday market with Chico. In a couple of hours I am going to Chapala with my friend Pat to take photos of the altars. I hope there are also some Catrina dolls along the malecon. 

I have a friend living in Visalia. She wants to move down but she needs a ride for her, her two small dogs, and her boxes of things. I don't know if a van would be large enough or maybe a small truck. I think it would only be worthwhile if someone is either driving down here anyway and would stop by her place or someone who wants to go up to the States to visit or stay.  

She is willing to pay for the ride and gas and food..... If you know anyone, please contact me and I will send you her e mail address. Thanks, p and HAPPY DAY OF THE DEAD TO EVERYONE. 

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