Saturday, October 29, 2016

Morning Thoughts

Chico in the morning. He seems to be anticipating a fun day. Maybe a long walk?

We are in the midst of the Day of the Dead celebrations. Lots of people are out at night, shooting off fireworks and generally having fun. This evening  is the Thrill the World Dance at the Ajijic Plaza. It will start at five p.m. EXACTLY. I think it is one of the only events that always starts on time here. That is because the same dance starts all over the world at five p.m.

I always enjoy this dance. The dancers wear bloody zombie costumes and run around, scaring the crowd. One big party. The children love it. After the dance, they have a parade, most of them riding in decorated cars, to six corners. I don't know but maybe they dance there too. I have never been out that way after the dance in the plaza. Then they come back to the plaza for food and fun. 

This is a fund raiser for different charities in the world. Here it is for the Red Cross. 


  1. I love seeing all your photos Patricia. Good and not so good ones. It brings back happy memories. Thanks for sharing with us stuck up north!

  2. Thank you. I don't have a working camera now. Just the i pad and I am having lots of problems trying to use it. P