Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Morning Thoughts

We had a hard rain last night. Saves me having to water my garden today. I am going to take a long walk with Chico this morning. Maybe we will walk down to the Lake Chapala Society. It is busy these days but I don't know many people anymore. It is still nice just to be around there and listen to the conversations. Chico likes it there too. Many new dogs to meet and smell..... Seems like most expats here have at least one dog. Some have two or three. 

The Day of the Dead is coming up in a few days. On Saturday at five p.m. The Thrill the World dance will be happening at the Ajijic Plaza. That is always fun for me. Chico has to stay home because he isn't a good dog in crowds.  He hates clapping and barks as long as it is going on.

I will post my photos of the dance next week. I need to buy some candy for the trick or treaters. Not many come to my neighborhood. They flood into the wealthy neighborhoods. Last year our neighbors blocked off our street, put out tables and chairs, and had a big party. They served pozole and even brought some to me and my friend Virginia. She was staying with me then. We had bags of candy to give out and only five children came. The neighbor children and they came about five times to trick or treat us. They were sweet. I am looking forward to the Day of the Dead celebrations. The photo below is of Virginia last Halloween at the party. She wanted to hold the baby but she started crying. I think Virginia was starting to cry too.  The young fathers thought it was funny. 


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