Friday, February 20, 2015

Morning Thoughts

It is a beautiful morning. Lots of sunshine and singing birds.  I can finally breathe normally again. My sickness gave me a lot of sympathy for people who always have breathing problems.

I  went to the spa yesterday morning. I got there when it opened at nine and no one else was in the pool. I bought a twenty ticket pass so I need to go two or three times a week in order to use them up before they expire in four months. Sometimes bus loads of people arrive there so I have to be in the pool and out before ten in the morning. Otherwise, it is too crowded to swim laps. That is a popular place. And expensive. The daily rate for adults is now 220 pesos. This price goes up every few months.  I also went into the underground cave. I thought it would help my lungs but it is so steamy and hot in there that I could only stand to be in it a couple of minutes.

Yesterday afternoon a truck loaded up with oranges, tangerines and small watermelons came into my neighborhood. I bought all three. It is difficult for me to bring heavy fruit like that up this hill. Every time I have walked up this hill with heavy packages Mexican men and women have offered to carry them for me. Even young boys have offered to carry them. I guess I look pathetic, huffing and puffing up the hill. I always say no because I need the exercise but I appreciate their offers. I love living in a Mexican neighborhood. People are so friendly and thoughtful......  Having to move out of my old place was a blessing. I need to learn to trust life more and have faith that when one door closes, another will open.


  1. That is so nice, people willing to help.

  2. Yes, and I really appreciate their offers. Thanks for commenting. p