Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Morning Thoughts--Hard Times

I am finally feeling better. That was an awful cold and cough. I have been stuck in my house for weeks. I missed the Fat Tuesday parade yesterday. Last night I could hear people having fun at the carnival. The plaza is just a few blocks from my house. Someone else took photos for me so I will be able to write about the celebration when he sends them to me. I will put the article on

I heard that the parade was a lot of fun with the men dressed up in drag throwing flour on everyone. That is my favorite parade. But just in case I was at all contagious, I did not want to be in a crowd of people. I would not wish this sickness on anyone. My son wrote that he had it and was in bed for two weeks and coughed for two weeks after that. Several other people have also written that they had it too.

Chico has been peeing all over my house. I guess it is his way of saying how angry he is about not getting out for walks. And Olive, the cat, has been meowing around making life miserable.  She doesn't like any cat food with fish in it and of course all the cat food I find here has fish in it as an added bonus. I guess every cat in the world loves fish except MY cat. (Once she was wild and happy just to gaze in my window for hours at a time. And eat rats.  Do they make rat flavored cat food? Now that she lives with me, the more I do for her, the more she demands from me.) There were days when I felt like throwing them both out the window and then jumping out myself.

My friend Dennis is in Chiang Mai.  He keeps writing me e mails about how wonderful and inexpensive it is over there. He doesn't know if he is going to be able to stay or not. There are problems with visas. They are not easy to get.  And he says he misses the expat community that is here.

I haven't heard of anywhere else in the world, outside of the United States, that has a community as interesting as it is here. He needs someone to rent his house for the month of March. It is nice and in a great location. Only costs 470 a month plus utilities. Furnished. Let me know if you are interested. I told him I would ask around for him. And if he doesn't return, it would be available after March. It is near Salvador's Restaurant.

We had many days of gloomy weather. Yesterday the sun came out and this morning it is sunny again. Maybe it will be nice here for awhile. I was getting awfully depressed-- sick and stuck indoors with cold weather to boot.  Sometimes life is just a waiting game. Waiting for hard times to pass and good times to come back again. Maybe this hard time has past for me now. I sure hope so.

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