Sunday, June 23, 2013

Morning Thoughts in Portland

I am still in Portland and it is still overcast and cold. But yesterday was beautiful. The best thing to do is enjoy the sunny weather when it comes and sit out the rest of the gloomy days. I am hoping that in two more weeks it will be sunny everyday.

My son and daughter-in-law return tonight from England and Prague. I am looking forward to hearing all about their trip. It makes me want to travel too. But I can't figure out where I would want to go. Besides, Ajijic is hard to beat. It has everything I need and want. Well, maybe not everything, but pretty close.

For the things that I can't find in Ajijic, I have been ordering online to be delivered here. Or getting at yard sales. I went to a second hand store the other day and was shocked at the prices of things. Ten dollars for a stinky old pair of tennis shoes? Please......  That is as bad as the second hand stores in Ajijic. Not quite. In Ajijic they would be twenty dollars. I am not kidding.

I bought a watch. Without a working battery for six dollars and that was their sale price. I don't need any more watches. I mostly don't care what time it is anyway. But I like to wear them. I don't wear any other jewelry. This watch has no numbers on the face of it. Just a beautiful picture of a dragon fly. I probably will never be able to figure out the time when I look at it. But like I said, I don't care what time it is anyway.  It has a purple band. That is good enough for me. Purple is one of my favorite colors.

Maybe the sun will come out sometime today and I will take a walk with the two dogs. They follow me around everywhere and sit next to me. Several times I have almost tripped over them. Thank God for the love of dogs. I would be terribly lonely here without them.


  1. That is a beautiful watch, but I think you are right, it will sure make you think to figure out the time! And purple is my favorite color.
    Hope you had a good Sunday,
    Karen in VA

    1. Hi Karen, Thanks for writing. I did have a good Sunday. Hope yours was nice too. Maybe trying to figure out the time on that watch will exercise my brain and help keep me from getting senile. P