Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Walk in the San Antonio Area

Yesterday I was well enough to take a bus ride and then a short walk in the San Antonio area. I found a small yard sale and bought some Avon perfume, unused. I also had lunch at Mom's Deli, a delicious Gazpacho Soup. What a treat. Mom's also has a book exchange so I was able to trade a few books. It was a nice morning and NO sickness. Maybe it is over now and I can go on with my life. Hope so.

There are many little outdoor food stalls in this area but for now I am passing them up. Since it is so hot, I am concerned about getting sick again. I have to stick to the sit down indoor restaurants......
Gift Shop
Mom's Deli
Gazpacho Soup
Girl on the Bus


  1. I'm really enjoying following your blog. My partner and I have been living in Ajijic for just over two years now. We came for 6 months and just kind of stayed, like a lot of people here. You should look into some of the new blogger templates, so you can have a Facebook share button for your posts! :)

  2. Thank you Chris for writing and for that suggestion. I will ask my computer friend about how to do that. Great idea. Patricia

  3. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. I sure miss Chapala. Maybe I can convince my husband to come back one day. I fear we won't drive again but maybe he would fly.

  4. Hi Barbara, Thank you for your good wishes. I too love Chapala. I am going there tomorrow. I hope you will make it back here one day. Patricia