Friday, May 20, 2011

Morning Walk in Downtown Ajijic

Line for the ATM Machine
Hot Dogs and it is still the morning
More hot dogs
second hand store
Second hand store, looks like the garage before my yard sale last summer
I managed to take a little walk this morning. I am okay in the mornings so I think that I don't need to see the doctor. (I hate going to the doctor.) And in the afternoons when I get sick again, I can't leave the house. So every day I keep hoping will be the last day of this sickness. If I am not well by Monday I will have to see the doctor.

It is still really hot here in the afternoons and getting hotter. Not many people are in town. The mountains are very dry.  There was a death in the house where I am house sitting. One of the gold fish in the fish pond.  I didn't feel up to burying it. I hid it under some old plants, hoping the gardener would do that for me today. When I went to show him where it was, it was gone.  Guess a cat carried it off. I am feeling kind of guilty that it didn't get a proper burial but maybe this way was better. It was recycled.  I have to do my best to try to avoid overreacting to life's problems right now. When I am sick, I see things through dark glasses.  Okay, I admit it, I see things that way at other times too. That is why I live here. Living in a beautiful environment helps with my depressions.

While I have been sick I have been looking on the internet at other places to visit or live. Nothing ever meets these standards. Then I think, Where you live isn't nearly as important as what you have to live with inside.  I am thinking of Eric Fromm writing about the concentration camp. He said we express our humanity by transcending our environments.  That is an extreme example. But the point is that we all have to face our own inner demons, no matter where we live.  There is no perfect place. Nor is there inner perfection.  It is all a work in progress......


  1. As ever, thanks so much for the many wonderful can't know how we look forward to them.

    Be well and try to live in the moment when you can. "The grass is always greener..." and all that.


  2. Thank you P&D for your wise words.... I appreciate it. And thanks for the compliment on my photos. Patricia

  3. Hi Patricia,
    I'm a little worried...are you okay? I hope you are feeling better! Did you go to the doctor?

    Karen in VA

  4. Hi Karen, Thank you for your concern. I went to the doctor yesterday. He said I have a virus. He gave me some meds and if I am not well by tomorrow I have to call him again. Still not feeling very good today. Patricia