Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dr Eloy Barragan Fernandez Endodoncia (Dentist)

This is a very good dentist. But it takes about a month to get an appointment with him. His address is: Lopez Cotilla #272-B Chapala.... It is just a couple of blocks from the plaza. He is a little more expensive than some dentists here but he did a good job for me. His phone number is Cell: 044 333 157 0136 or 765 55 84. His e mail is:


  1. Hi

    Dentista Barrigan has also been recommended on the Chapala Realty forum. His wating list is proof enough. Personally,after a very bad experience at another dental clinic in Riberas, I went to Dr Haro. His office in my opinion is superior to most in the US. He has the latest equipment and uses first rate materials. His rates may well be the highest lakeside at about 50% of US but he has won my eternal loyalty after rescuing me from the shoddy work at the other dental office. After special dental work for a draining sinus in Guad my taxi driver was bemused when I asked him why there in not dentist and dentista just as there is doctor and doctora.

  2. Hi Gil, Thank you for writing. I well know that money isn't everything when it comes to dental work. I had a very bad root canal done by another dentist and after she told me it was a phantom pain and almost three years of this so called pain, I finally went to see this dentist. Thank you for your recommendation. Patricia