Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Huerto café with Carolina and our dogs

It has been a beautiful afternoon. The rain made the air smell fresh and there was little breeze. I didn't want to go back inside my house. Fortunately, Carolina came by and took us out to lunch. Chico made it his job to protect our table from outsiders. He spent his time growling at two men who were changing a tire in the parking lot. 

Chico is behind the chair and can't be seen in this photo. If you look closely, you can see his tail and his feet.

Carolina and Pepper.

Pepper knew the sucker at the table. How could I resist a face like that, resting on my knee?

Rocio's cat.

Above is the owner, Rocio. I can't read her handwriting so I won't put on her last name. 

We each had a salad.

They have some old photos of boats and fishermen and some nice paintings.
The address of the restaurant is Hidalgo 212. It is between Zona fitness and Pemex in Riberas del Pilar.
They barbeque ribs on Friday and Saturday. And have live jazz for two hours hours from noon to two on Friday. On Saturday there are two musicians who play the violin and harp. The food is good and not expensive. I really enjoyed it today.  

They are closed on Sunday. Monday through Friday they are open nine to five and Saturday, nine to three. 


  1. I love her plants----the firecracker plant is a beautiful specimen.

    So glad you are getting out and Enjoying yourself.

  2. Thank you Larry for caring about me and my life. Yes, it is good to get out. My friend has a car and that makes all the difference. P

  3. Huerta Cafe is a real treat! Much of their food is grown organically in their garden. The jazz musicians are very good, and we quite enjoyed them. Your readers can find out more on the cafe’s Facebook page.

  4. Delicious! It is indeed nice to have a friend with wheels. Glad to see you enjoying life.

  5. I hope you too are enjoying life Peter. P

  6. I loved seeing all these pictures Patricia! Beautiful salads and all the food at the market. And the beautiful people too.
    Thanks for your continued sharing of life in Ajijic, Mexico!! Connie in Wa.

  7. Thank you Connie for writing to me. That keeps me going. P