Tuesday, April 10, 2018

San Antonio again

I took the bus to visit my friend in San Antonio again and this time at the restaurant I ordered a Chili Rellano. Each one comes out looking like a work of art. And it was delicious. I took Chico on the bus inside my gym bag with his head sticking out. He loved it. He looked all around while we were on the bus. Unfortunately we came back right when the kids were getting out of school. One in the afternoon and the bus was packed. I got a seat in the back and really was concerned about how Chico would handle all the children, some trying to pet him. But he was great. Just sat in that bag on my lap looking so happy to be out with me. Here are more photos of San Antonio and the first one is of my Chili Rellano.


  1. That is a beauty of a Chile Rellano. And "good boy, Chico"!

  2. Hi Scott, thanks for commenting and encouraging us down here. Yes, Chico was a very good boy. P

  3. Yum! Chico must look bigger in pictures, I was surprised you could carry him in a bag! Thanks for sending the warm weather up here. Last Saturday, it snowed most of the day (didn't stick, but still...) This Saturday was at least 80 degrees. I feel like I moved to a different climate.
    Thanks for all the pics,
    Karen in VA

  4. Hi Karen, good to hear from you. Soon we will be in the rainy season and you will be warmer than I am. I don't walk with Chico in that bag. He walks on the leash and I put him in the bag only when on the bus. Otherwise they won't let him on. P