Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Special Morning with Nicks, Dog and Chico

This is a previous photo that I took of Chico riding in the car with my friend Nicks. Dog is in the back. Chico is getting ready to bark at the roof dog one block down the street. They are sworn enemies. Then Dog from the back seat gets into it too. 

Above is a photo of Dog barking as we were about four blocks away from Lake Taco. That is his favorite place to go. Dog is so excited that he can't contain himself. Then he gets Chico into barking too. 

Nicks and Chico and Dog walking into Lake Taco restaurant. 

Yesterday Chico and I went to Lake Taco again with my friend Nicks and his dog named Dog.  It was fun, especially since I hadn't gone with him for over a month. Thank you Nicks for taking us.....

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