Sunday, July 17, 2016

Saturday Afternoon in the Ajijic Plaza

Yesterday I sat in the plaza for an hour, enjoying the sunshine. We have had many days of clouds and no sunshine. It was beautiful here yesterday. A little breeze, lots of people out enjoying the plaza. I had lunch with my friend Peggy in the Sazon restaurant which is above the cultural center. I took some photos from there. 

I think the people in the two photos above were walking to a wedding in the church.
I like the above photo because of the child in front and the old man walking behind. Both were having some problems with walking.
Sazon restaurant
The food is good at the Sazon restaurant.



  1. My wife and I love Sazon! Is Grace still there?

    1. Thanks for commenting. And Yes, she is still there. P

    2. Whenever my wife and I return to Ajijic, our first meal is always at this restaurant. I really like the french toast! Jack in Portland.

  2. Hi Jack, good to hear from you. Looking forward to seeing you guys again. P