Saturday, July 16, 2016

Fruit from the Local Fruit Truck

The local fruit truck drove by my house just now. I bought a huge cantaloupe, very large mango, small pineapple and two large limes from them. The cost was 70 pesos which today is three dollars and seventy six cents. I am guessing I paid the gringa price but it was still worth it for me to get it so fresh and next to my front door.  I can't imagine what this much fruit would cost in the States. Does anyone have an idea? 


  1. Pat, Here are my best guesses based on what I see in supermarket flyers for Seattle right now: Large cantaloupe: $3, mango, $1, pineapple, $3 or $4 (wild guess); 2 limes, 80c. I'd say about $8 in a supermarket, but probably less at a fruit stand. And probably none as fresh as you got them!


  2. Thank you JimS. Good to hear from you again. P

  3. Hello Patricia, I went to Trader Joes today, they are my favorite here in Issaquah, Wa. I got a cantaloupe for $2.69 and two limes for 29 cents each. I thought that was pretty good, it would have been much more at QVC or Whole Foods or even Safeway.
    You got a lot more for $3.70. My 3 things were $3.27. It would have been another $4. here for a pineapple,$2.99 and a dollar for the mango.
    Connie in Wa.

    1. Hi Connie, THose prices seem reasonable. Thank you for writing. P

    2. Hey Patricia ~ Just to give you the Southern US report: I live in Knoxville, TN. I was at Kroger's today & found the following: Athena Cantaloupe (as big as a soccer ball)= 2/$4.00; Limes (as big as my fist) .89 each; Pineapple & Mango .99 each. My total was $5.76, compared to your $3.76. I wish I could get to Mexico for the $2 difference :).

  4. Hi Joy, Good prices. Like I wrote in this post, I most likely am paying Gringa prices.... Thanks for the information. P