Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This is a message for Cathy in Canada

This evening I received a wonderful comment from Cathy in Canada. She read my entire blog. Even I would not attempt to do that. It is too long....  And she wrote such nice things about my blog. And I was flattered and happy. And I erased her comment!  That has happened a couple of other times when I tried to publish a comment from my I Pad. My fingers are too big and the publish and delete words are too close to each other... I ended up pressing delete comment instead of publish comment. And once that is pushed, there is no going back. No Undoing the deleted message.

Please forgive me Cathy. Your comment was important to me.  You asked if I sold my mobile home. Yes, I did sell it after paying rent on it for almost two years.  Now it is water under the bridge.

Thank you Cathy for taking the time to read all of my blog and being so encouraging about it. I had thought about maybe starting at the beginning and writing a short version of it to put on amazon for sale. Then I lost interest. It was too overwhelming. 

I will not try to publish any more comments from my I Pad. My computer is finally back on my desk and for now it is working. All blog work must be done on the computer from now on. Thank you Cathy for your kind words and for spending all that time reading my blog. I am so sorry I deleted your comment.


  1. Hi Patricia. You will laugh at this but last night I tried posting a response comment to you using my ipad and I clicked Preview instead of publish and it disappeared.
    I have no idea if you got it or not so I am sending another comment (but now I am using my laptop). How funny is that???

    Anyhow, I was so surprised and thrilled to see your blog posting to me! Thank you very much and don't worry about accidently deleting my comment, It was so sweet of you to write your post to me.

    I am so glad you did eventually sell your mobile home.
    I was worried you did not sell yet. We have to try not to worry so much. Remember, "it will be okay in the end and if it is not okay, then it is not the end".

    Your heart and soul comes through in your blog.
    It was an incredible read, like a really good book you can't put down but then when you finish you are a little sad you are done.

    Thank you again for your wonderful blog!

    Cathy in Canada

  2. Thank you for writing to me again Cathy. And for understanding. Your words are so encouraging to me. Makes me want to write more on my blog. I have been neglecting it. Thank you. p

  3. Enjoyed reading the caring coming through both of your comments. Pleasant day to both of you.

  4. Patricia
    I had emailed you last year about your blog but never heard back. I am Katie from Canada lol. My husband and I are heading back for the month of Februay 2016 again and cannot wait. My mom is an expat who lives there year round. She loves it. Your blog is very interesting
    Cheers Katie

  5. So sorry for not answering you. I am in Portland now. Will be back to Mexico soon. Let me know when you get there and maybe we can meet up. p