Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Morning Thoughts

I have had computer problems since December. I was told yesterday that I could pick it up today. We will see how long the repair lasts this time......  It has always been the same problem. After a few months of charging me, they quit doing that. But it has been extremely difficult to not have my computer. I have been using my Ipad and it is the first one. I can't figure out how to get the photos onto my blog from it.

After so long of not doing the blog, I had decided to just quit it. I decided that taking 70,000 photos of this area and writing about my daily life of mostly doing the same things all the time were probably enough!  I have been enjoying all my extra free time. I also had to stop writing for Accesslakechapala.com.

Then one day my friend Virginia told me about all the other blogs that are online here now. I checked out one woman's blog and she had a spectacular photo on it of the sunset over the lake. I felt strange. It was either envy or jealousy.... I don't know which, maybe both. I felt such a loss because blogging was no longer part of my life.  So here I am again. I am going to get my computer today and hoping and praying that it will work this time.

When I looked back on my years of doing this blog I thought about all the fun I had taking photographs and talking with people. I am a reserved person so having an excuse to approach people was very helpful to my social life.  And I thought about all the friends I have made through this blog. Practically everyone I know now I met through this blog.

Okay I often got irritated at people asking me so many questions, things that they could easily find out for themselves either through google or even reading more of my blog. But that irritation is small compared to all the good things that have come out of doing the blog. So, crossing my fingers, if my computer is working today, I will put some photos on it and start writing again. Maybe not as much as before but at least I will keep it alive. It seems to have died on the vine for now. I hope my readers will return.


  1. Hi Pat, I thank you for having the Blog, Without it and your help I would not be living in Ajijic, enjoying life here. You need to keep the Blog going to show people what we have here! Thanks Again C. O. Nicks

  2. Hi Nicks, Thank you for being my friend. p

  3. Hi Nicks, Thank you for being my friend. p

  4. I made a video about my life in mexico on 14 minutes, may be it'll help some people take away some questions about our daily life and see we aren't that different (except perhaps for the guy trying to sell me stuff on the street).

    If this is the 3rd time you get this message I'm so sorry, my internet is being horrible


  5. Yeah, you're back.

  6. Wow I am so happy to see one of my favourite bloggers is back. Think possitive thoughts Pat.

  7. Pat,
    It's nice to see you back, and I hope you enjoyed your very well-deserved break. I was chuckling to myself while I read your rerurn message, because I could totally see myself feeling exactly how you felt and doing exactly what you did. "That would be SO me", I was thinking. In fact I'll bet the majority of your readers felt exactly the same way and can totally relate. Congratulations-- what a shock, you are human! Glad to see you back, and hope you're enjoying it again. I guess you've been reminded how many people really enjoy reading your blog. Welcome back!


  8. Thank you JimS. Glad I didn´t lose you. I appreciate your message. p