Saturday, June 20, 2015

Morning Thoughts--Rainy Season

Last night's sunset was beautiful and as I was sitting on my deck watching the colors change, I was happy to be living in Ajijic. Sometimes I am not happy; when it is so humid that I get wet just from walking down the street, or when the rains come and I have forgotten my umbrella, or when my bedroom window leaks, or I am stuck in the house all morning or afternoon because of the gloomy weather. Last but not least, my body aches in all the places that have been broken when it is damp.

I prefer the dry season. I like being dry unless I am swimming or taking a bath. But we need the rain. The lake needs the rain. The flowers need the rain. I can go somewhere else during this time of the year if I get too unhappy. I am never unhappy enough to want to move back to the States or to any other area in the world. It is just that I am spoiled with all the beautiful weather we have during the rest of the year.

It is spectacular to watch the storm clouds rolling across the lake and hearing the thunder and having the house rattle with it and watching the flashes of lightening. Then is when I am grateful not to be living in my tree house where I was afraid of being electrocuted in my outdoor kitchen during the rainy season. I am safe in this new place. That counts for more than living in the beauty of the trees.

For now I can write when it is wet and overcast outside. It was seven months of having my computer mostly at the repair shop and maybe it will break again soon. I am going to Portland July 19th and I bought a new I Pad through E bay. It is waiting for me there. I will be able to put photos on that one and use it instead of this old, unreliable computer for writing on my blog. I will be there about a month.

While I am there, I will have another gathering at Walter Mitty's for people interested in Ajijic. I may even have two meetings. Now I have friends that I see in Portland and then I see them again down here. It has become a real international community of like-minded people. I can thank my blog for creating it and bringing so many wonderful people into my life. I feel blessed, rainy season or dry season, I feel blessed.


  1. Lovely post. Enjoy your sumber vacation NOB.

  2. I love your photos. It's been raining a lot in the northeastern part of States. Probably not as much as you have. But I know what you mean about the humidity. Hope you feel better. And stay dry.

  3. Thank you and thank you for writing. I appreciate that. p

  4. Hi Dear Old Friend ~ And when I say "Old", it refers to the length of our friendship, not to anyone's age, LOL! I hope you are feeling better now than you were when we were planning on getting together. I really enjoyed ur 6/20 post, especially the 2nd half. I've been sitting in my recliner since 9:30 a.m., slider and screen open wide, enjoying my view of the rooftops, treetops, the white clouds, and our beautiful Mount Garcia. Thinking of U. Have to get up and clean up the house in preparation for the cleaning person coming later this afternoon, ha-ha... Warm Fuzzies to U from Carolina in Ajijic

  5. Hi Carolina, Good to hear from you again. I do feel better now. Swimming often and that changes my state of mind... One day, let's get together. your friend, p