Saturday, April 11, 2015

My computer is down again

My computer has been in the shop for almost two weeks. I hate writing with my I pad. I make too many mistakes. I should keep a file of all the strange words that the I pad thinks I am trying to write. Some of them are funny. It is like talking to a person who has a hearing problem and  that person thinks you said something entirely different from what you said and interrupts your flow with strange  unrelated comments. I have an I Pad 1. I have been told that you can talk to the later models to correct things like nonsense words. Sometimes what I write is nonsense anyway. I don't need any help with That from my I Pad. So I will wait to write more after my computer is fixed. IF it is ever fixed.


  1. Good luck with the computer repair! I miss you. Might need to go shopping at Costco for a new one? Can you
    get by with a laptop? Connie in Wa

  2. Sorry to hear you're having 'puter issues again. I'm sure that is so frustrating. You can turn the spelling/autocorrect off on your iPad. It's under Settings, General, Keyboard settings.

    Scott in TX

  3. Sory to hear you having computer woes. I miss your column and have been checking for updates. Good luck. I look forward to your column.

  4. Hi Patricia: I'd really miss you if you stopped posting! I enjoy ambling around with you through your photos and comments. Don't stop! Lynn from Oregon