Thursday, April 16, 2015

Morning Thoughts

I still don't have my computer back. I am writing this with my I pad but I haven't been able to figure out how to put photos on the blog yet.  I don't know if my computer will ever get out of the shop.

I have something on my mind that I wanted to write about so I decided to get on the blog today, even without photos. I just read the Guadalajara Reporter about the recent attacks on police officers. It makes me so sad. There have been four different attacks on police officers here in the past month. One was on a convoy going on the road to Puerto Vallarta. Fifteen were killed and five injured. One of those fifteen was a woman. The paper said it was a group of newly trained officers. Trained just last year. And at that point I started to wonder if it was any of those who stayed at El Tapito when I was there in December with my family. They had filled up the hotel. All very young and beautiful men and women and so full of light and hope for their futures. They were friendly to us as we walked past.

At that time I wondered why they would have chosen such a dangerous job. And now I still see their faces in my mind. Not each person specifically, but the general feeling of them, so strong and young and beautiful. It is another tragedy for Mexico to have lost their good men and women to the cartel.


  1. So sorry to see this, Patricia. I don't know what else to say...heartbreaking.
    Karen in VA

  2. Thank you for caring about the officers themselves. So many expats are so defensive and in denial about the ACTUAL events, they forget completely about the human beings affected by these events.

  3. This is such a tragedy. My heart goes out to their friends and families. Good people trying to live a good life. Makes me very sad. I do have to say that I'm surprised this post wasn't censored by the person who censored one of my posts on your blog months ago, when I asked a question about an ACTUAL event. I'd rather be presented with Reality and Truth. My take on it is that those expats who are defensvie and in denial, are concerned with attracting Americans to vacation in or buy their real estate at American prices. Just goes to prove that you can take a Gringo out of America, but you can't necessarily take America out of a Gringo.

  4. That is such a tragedy. Good people trying to live a good life, and they die at the hands of hoodlums. I'm surprised that your post wasn't censored. I guess nothing gets published until it passes the scrutiny of somebody who doesn't want actual events to be disclosed to those same Americans that they are trying to entice to vacation in their rentals, or buy their real estate.

  5. Thanks for your comments. I don't remember that previous comment. P

  6. That is just too bad. I can only imagine all the necessary things that are being held up because of this. I hope the fix is worth it, and that you won’t have any problems with it in the foreseeable future. Good luck!

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