Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Morning Thoughts--An Unjust World

I haven't been writing much in my morning thoughts lately. Last time I wrote something that I thought was meaningful, that same afternoon, I saw the news about those forty three missing school boys and later on I learned that they had been murdered and their bodies burned beyond recognition. My morning thoughts didn't seem so meaningful anymore. I quit trying to take my thoughts seriously. They are just thoughts and what are thoughts? They don't change anything in the world. Violence trumps thoughts and words every time.  (In the short run.)

I am just a powerless older expat woman, living in a country that I do not understand and I cannot change. I am not even allowed to get involved in their politics. Not that I would ever have the desire to do that. I have no faith in politics or politicians. I am not out to change the world. (I can't even change the locked gate situation in my own neighborhood!)

I just want to have a simple life with my daily routines to keep me occupied. I do not want to think about students being murdered and their parents waiting for them to come home. But I have been forced to look at this reality. Violence cannot be ignored forever. If I want to continue living in Mexico, then I have to accept that things like this happen here. They happen all over the world! This is not a fair or just world. It can be cruel and evil.

My friend Marie is involved in the Course in Miracles. She believes that everything happens for a reason and there is no evil in the world. I cannot believe that.  Was it just that those students were murdered? Was it reasonable that their parents are suffering now and will suffer the rest of their lives, missing their sons?  My answer is: NO.....

I have been dealing with my disillusionment and feelings of helplessness and the unimportance of the simple life that I have created for myself in this foreign country. How do we make a difference in the face of extreme violence? How do we find meaning in our lives? My morning thoughts are just whispers in the wind. I have no answers to these questions. So I have been silent on the subject until now.


  1. I have followed your blog for some time and enjoy the pictures and descriptions of your life there. In a world full of senseless violence and evil, lifting up the simple life in Mexico and sharing your pictures of the villagers and children is a worthwhile endeavor. It may not change the world, but it does shed a little 'sunshine' to your readers. We all touch someone and bring happiness, whether we know it or not. Blessings to you.

    1. Thank you. That is such a nice comment. I appreciate it very much. p

  2. Oh I understand what you mean Patricia. It's been particularly harrowing here in the U.S. for quite some time now, and how I long for the time when I can finally move to Mexico and flee this madness.

    I felt the same way you do until I ran across a saying - something to the effect of "If you wonder where God is in these atrocities He is in your response." I like that very much. Very much. I believe it to be true. And when I turn and face that direction and come from there it shifts everything. Sometimes its "just" offering a prayer up - one of the most powerful things we can do.

    As always thank you for sharing.


  3. Thank you Barbara. And thank you for those inspiring words. p

  4. I so understand. Whispers in the wind.

  5. Well it appears you are not blogging anymore. I hope all is okay with you. I haven't been online much myself now that I'm not working. I just use my iPad for emails and the internet. Anyway write soon if you can.

  6. Hi Pam, My computer has been in the shop for almost a month. I am back.... thanks for writing. p

  7. You are back with lots of great changes for you too! Sooo happy for you! I am planning to move there sooner than planned now since an opportunity of earlier retirement has landed in my lap! Now to get everything in order to make the leap! Packing up a big townhouse is the biggest fear for me, what to store what to sell what to take never mind all the other logistical stuff! But I'm doing it, plan is to be there by May if at all possible!

  8. Hi Pam, What a wonderful surprise and opportunity for you. I know it is really hard to get rid of things that we love but keep your eyes on the future. We must get rid of the past in order to enter the future. Your friend, p