Saturday, December 6, 2014

I Am Back

I reached out for help with my computer problem and people came to my rescue. For now it is working okay. In the future if it gets bad again, I will have to invest in a new computer. But I am going to keep doing the blog as long as it works.

Yesterday I went to Cafe Magana to exchange books and videos and have lunch. Here are the photos that I took. Cafe Magana is one of my favorite places in the Lakeside area.

My lunch.


  1. Hooray! I'm so glad you got your computer fixed! I would have missed this blog so much. pam in oreeegone!

  2. HI Pam, Thank you. It isn't FIXED. But I am limping along with it. Hope all is well with you. Come on down. Your friend, p

  3. I will be coming down when I'm ready to make the move there. I will come down look for a place to rent and then go back to Oregon and pack up and move down for at least a year. I also want to give Ensenada or Rosarito a try but have a feeling I'll fall in love with Lake Chapala and will want to stay there because of the retirement community. Can't wait to come down!!!!