Thursday, March 27, 2014

Morning Thoughts

I decided to write again after days and days of depression and anger. Someone told me that depression is anger turned inward. Maybe that is what was going on. Too many bad things happened at once in  my life. My friend Tammy and her dog Kito left in one day and the next day I had that meeting with La Floresta Association about the key.  It was like one of those nightmares where you beg for something essential for your life and a panel of cold people look at you with hard eyes and say no. They didn't even have the decency to raise their hands. They had to put their big NOs on napkins and push them forward to the man in charge. Then he read them off one at a time while glaring at me. NO, NO, NO, NO......

I left there furious at them and then I became depressed. I decided to move to the room where Tammy had been living just to have a change and something to do. I am still hobbling around with the bad ankle but it is getting better. Yesterday I managed to even climb over the fence because I had to go and get some food at the Wednesday market. But I had no desire to take photos and the market had lost it's glow. Everything here has lost it's glow for me after seeing how things work behind the scenes. That a few scared people can  block off our streets and force everyone to climb over the fence makes me see things in a different light here.

Someone today wrote to me asking if I thought it was a good idea for her to quit her government job and sell her house and come down here to open a bed and breakfast. She was only 47. I wrote back, NO. Not a good idea. There are too many people here with bed and breakfasts and restaurants and other businesses and they can't make it financially.

Once I get out of this funk, I may write again. I can't put on any photos because my internet isn't working fast enough. The internet people insist it is our problem and refuse to come out and check it. Just another log for the fire of my bad mood these days.

Thank all of you who wrote to me to encourage me to continue the blog. I deeply appreciate that. I will wait a few more days and if I am in a better mood, I may write again. Maybe not...... 


  1. Even if you do not feel like writing as often, I am sure it helps to put your feelings into words and receive support and validation from your readers.

    Do what is best for you and hang in there! This is a temporary situation and there are better days ahead!

  2. Hi Pat:
    It is fine to rant on your blog and we totally agree with the unfairness of the decision not to allow you a key to the gate just for a short while.
    Just hang in there as there WILL be better days ahead. :)

  3. I really enjoy your blog P. Having spent 6 weeks in Ajijic last winter, I look forward to seeing your pics and seeing some of the people I met there.
    Hang in there, something even better will appear!
    Shirley in Nanaimo, BC, Vancouver Island

    1. Thank you Shirley. I appreciate those kind words. p

  4. If you like living at Ajijic but are having issues with the La Floresta Association then find another place close by. Who might find the change healthy.
    It would appear to an outsider that the Association wants a controlled entry/exit with a main gate.
    What is the gate you want a key to used for? If for emergency egress then how could it be locked from the inside anyway? For service entry then how are keys issued? I'd make damn sure that if in the event of an emergency I could get out of that fenced compound.
    Just saying...

  5. Thanks for your helpful suggestions. I continue staying here because of Chico. He isn't my dog and I can't take him with me. This is the only entrance that is locked all the time. No one has keys. It is locked from the inside. There is no way emergency vehicles can get in here. It is crazy. We all have to climb over the fence. p

  6. I do not like ass ociations or gated communities, do not know why never lived in one. I think I do not like any one telling me how to live, like I should live like They think I should live.
    Well I am planning to move to Ajijic very soon. Coming down next week to look at houses in Ajijic, walking distance to most things. Driving in town is terrible to say the least.
    I am sorry you are going through so much. I just lost my husband of 42 years and am starting life over again. New country, New everything, friends included. Take care. Hazel

  7. My sympathy to you for losing your husband. You are very brave to come down here but I believe it will welcome you with open arms. I hope to get everything squared away here by next week. Maybe we could meet at the Lake Chapala Society one morning. E mail me. p

  8. I am so riled up about this situation you are in and it doesn't even affect me personally. It is just that it makes no sense. There is no reasoning with irrational people. What happens when an ambulance needs to get in the neighborhood for someone having a heart attack? Please don't leave Lakeside. I was so looking forward to meeting you. I arrive May 1. Marion

    1. Hi Marion, I expect I will still be here, still climbing over the fence. Yes, that ambulance is a huge problem, especially since there is a retirement home half a block from this closed off fence. Thanks for your sympathy. p