Monday, February 5, 2018

Morning Thoughts

It was a beautiful day yesterday. I walked to the plaza with Chico to take photos of a festival that was supposed to start at two in the afternoon. I arrived at one and they were just setting up the tables. They said it wouldn't start until six. I didn't feel like hanging out that long so we came back home. I got some photos of the plaza first. 

It was extremely crowded. Maybe because this is a three day weekend. Today, Monday, is a national holiday.

Lots of older people walk with the walking sticks in the above photo. The cobblestones here are treacherous.

That is NOT my hairy leg. It belongs to a man I was sitting next to and this was his first time in Ajijic. He said his rent ran out after three weeks and he had to find another place to stay for the last week he would be here. The only hotel he could find with any vacancies cost him two hundred dollars a night.... Things have really gotten expensive here. 

Many craft stalls were set up in the plaza yesterday.

These beautiful orchids were for sale.

The second man on the left is my neighbor. I often see him around town.

There were many children in the plaza. This group of Mexican children have been around for years. They travel together and often ask for money. 

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