Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Morning Thoughts ---More Computer Problems

My computer broke again the day I did that last post. I couldn't even put on any photos.  It has been in the repair shop since then. I have been to that repair shop so many times that I know his family and their problems. His dog knows me. I know some of his other customers. But still no fixed computer. It is now becoming a regular thing.

He fixes it. I bring it home. It breaks again within a day or so. I take it back to him. At least he has finally stopped charging me because it has been the same problem for months. I have paid him enough money to buy a new computer. So, you might be asking yourself, WHY do you continue with this farce?

It is a Mac. I can't use any other kind of computer. I keep hoping things will change. I am too stubborn to admit that he can't fix it. Those are a few of my stupid excuses. But like they say in AA and Al Anon, Don't keep doing the same things and expecting different results.

I have been unable to do this blog for so long now that I have finally lost interest in doing it. Now that is sad. It used to be the center of my life. But I have a lot more free time now. I am not taking my camera around with me anymore. (More room in my purse.) Maybe seventy thousand photos of Ajijic were enough. My son jokes about all the photos I have taken of the same seven blocks.

I don't blame the computer repair man for this fiasco. I know he is doing his best, practically rebuilding the thing. If either of us had known that it would be months, I am sure he would have told me not to bother. He must hate seeing me in his shop as much as I hate going there. But he keeps on trying......  I appreciate his efforts.  This is the Mexican way, fix things. Don't throw things out. New things are expensive here. Labor is cheap. In the States things are cheap and labor is expensive.

 I have many extra hours in the day to do other things. I am going to the spa more often in the mornings. I am cooking more. I even took a little trip to Puerto Vallarta. May 1st. The day the drug cartel decided to burn down the city. That was fun. A story that did not get on my blog because the computer was in the shop.  Anyway, I can get online with this ipad. But it is an ipad 1 and useless when it comes to getting photos onto the blog.

I like having all this freedom. I do miss hearing from people. I have made lots of friends through my blog. Maybe this computer problem happened for a reason. To get me away from doing the blog and force me to create a different life. I have no answers. I wonder why I continue to believe this repair man is going to fix my computer. I see a bull dog quality in me that has served me well in the past and also hindered me. How long is long enough to hang on to something?


  1. Maybe you need to purchase a Microsoft computer and dump the MAC. Computer repair geeks have more knowledge of Microsoft than Apple. My computer was built for me - only the software I wanted, nothing else.

  2. Well, I am certainly not the person to answer that question! I hold on to things way too long. I hope that you will continue to blog, even without photos. Many of us enjoy your perspective on life in Mexico and would miss hearing from you.

  3. Hi Donna, Good to hear from you. Thanks, p

  4. Hi Connie, Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it. P

  5. Hi Connie, Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it. P